As well as providing you with market updates with our regular blogs, we are now featuring success stories that we have achieved with previous customers. Profcol Finance takes pride in solving even the most complex of cases, and our expertise and tools mean that we can help you to find the best solution. If you have any questions, then please enquire.

Recent Defaults and Quick Completions

When a borrower enquired for a mortgage to purchase a three-bedroom home with recent defaults on their credit file, they…Read More »

Raising £1 Million on a Multiple Unit Block

In this case, a customer was looking to raise £1 million on a ‘Multiple Unit Block’ of five self-contained flats..Read More »

A Buy-to-Let Expat in a High Risk Country

A BTL Expat in a High-Risk Country High risk country expats may typically face complications when seeking property finance. Regardless…Read More »

A £2 million business loan in less than two weeks

A £2 million business loan in less than two weeks, for a customer looking to buy their chosen property before…Read More »