Buying a property for investment requires specialist finance.

A wide range of finance options are available for landlords to suit the type of property they wish to invest in, and include the following:


Buy-to-Let mortgages

This type of mortgage is used when you wish to purchase a property to let out. Most lenders offer ‘vanilla’ style Buy-to-Lets e.g. a standard property let to a single family. Some lenders however will consider more complex Buy-to-Lets, e.g. properties that are let on a multiple occupancy basis (HMOs) or applications from limited companies rather than individuals. Read More

Commercial finance

Commercial finance is used to purchase property that is to be occupied by a business for example shops, offices and warehouses. Commercial lenders will also consider Buy-to-Let transactions and are often used for complex Buy-to-Lets or property that is a mix of both commercial letting and residential letting. Read More

Bridge finance

Bridging finance is used for short-term funding requirements. It  will often be used for speed, say at auctions or where a property is to be renovated and sold. Read More

Second charge loans

This is a secondary loan on a property that already has a mortgage. It can be used to increase the level of borrowing on a property, where it is not possible or prudent to make changes to the first mortgage. Read More

Are you a Landlord who is in need of a loan?

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