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We can help protect yourself should you fall ill or get injured
We can help protect your family should something happen to you
We can help protect your property through a range of options
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About Protect Your Wealth

It is important to seriously consider the impact that circumstances outside of our control could have on the wealth and property we invest so much time and money in building. Whilst we don’t always like to think about it, most of us at some point can be affected by situations outside of our control. We protect our cars from accidents and thefts as we are legally obliged to do so. However, the value of our car is a fraction of the value of our property assets or the value of the income we could generate over a lifetime!

If you have a mortgage on your home or Buy-to-Let investment, the lender will insist that you have property insurance in place. However, this is just the minimum cover you should consider.

You should also consider the following types of protection:

Income protection

If you are too ill to work, this type of plan pays a regular monthly sum to replace your lost income until you are well enough to work again. Read More

 Rent guarantee insurance

If you let a property and your tenant does not meet the rent payments, this type of insurance can cover the legal costs in taking the tenant to court and replace your lost rent in the meantime. Read More

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