Want to protect yourself should you fall ill or get injured?

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You protect yourself and your family
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About Illness Protection

There are two main ways that you can help protect yourself and your family, should you be unable to work due to a long term illness or an accident.

Income Protection

An income protection policy can pay you a monthly income if you can’t work because of a long term illness or an accident. Put simply – it works when you can’t.

Profcol will help you choose the right plan for your particular circumstances. We will help you consider how soon you need the cover to pay out, how much cover you may need and how long you will need the cover for.

Just having that little extra protection in place could make all the difference. The money you’d receive would allow you to pay your mortgage and bills while you’re ill, and keep your lifestyle running as normal – leaving you to focus on getting better.

Critical Illness

It is also worth considering Critical illness plans as a cost effective solution to protect against the financial impact of ill-health. Rather than pay a regular income, if you are diagnosed as having a serious specified illness such a heart attack, cancer, a stroke or multiple sclerosis, the plan will pay out a lump sum which you can use to maybe pay off your mortgage or other debts. Or you can convert your property to accommodate the effects of the ill-health.

In the worst case scenarios, isn’t it worth having a back up plan?

Please give us a brief summary of what it is you would like to do and we will come back to you quickly to let you know how we can help. If you want to talk to us immediately, please call 020 3951 0285