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About Portfolio Landlords

A portfolio landlord (as classified by the lenders regulators) is a borrower with four or more mortgaged UK Buy-to-Let properties. This should include any properties you own just a share of, including BTL properties you hold inside a Limited Company.

We will take time to discuss and understand your strategy whether you wish to invest for income, capital growth or both and the timescales required. We can also help you raise capital on your existing BTL portfolio.

Our knowledge and expertise can help you finance more complex property investments, such as HMO properties, refurbishments and conversions, developments, auction property, commercial and semi commercial property, multiple flats on one title and also more specialised purchase structures including Limited Companies, Offshore Companies and Trusts.

Experienced landlords tell us they are seeking additional ways to fund purchases, due to lending limitations imposed by lenders. Profcol Mortgage Experts can offer such assistance and with access to a wide range of options via main stream Buy-to-Let lenders, commercial funding and specialist lenders, such that there is rarely a client that we cannot assist to grow their portfolio.

PRA changes to Portfolio Landlords

On 30th September, the PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) introduced changes to the underwriting criteria, specifically for portfolio landlords. The PRA has directed lenders to take a proportionate approach based on their knowledge of the borrower, the existing portfolio and alternative sources of income.

Some lenders have said that there is little change to their existing processes or have stated they are not in the market; others have set-up new bespoke systems that sit alongside their existing arrangements. This is likely to mean that lenders will ask for more documentation from borrowers, which could include things like a portfolio spreadsheet, asset and liability statement, cash flow analysis and a business plan.

Profcol Finance have over 100 BTL lender relationships, we can keep you updated on the latest developments but can also advise on the solution that best suits you.

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